John Cataldo is not only the most unprofessional accountant I have ever used but he is also the most unprofessional business owner I have ever met. A family member of mine suggested I use John for my yearly tax returns because he had used John for his business and personal accounting for 20+ years.

The first year I used John there were so many mistakes on my tax return that he had to type the entire return over. When I questioned some of the mistakes John acted like I was attacking him and told me that he really doesn't have time to do such small returns anyway. A few days later I received the corrected forms that were still littered with mistakes. I had to personally fix the mistakes my self and send the forms in.

This continued for about three years. John always told me what it was going to cost me and if there was an increase in his fees. When I got the bill for my 2010 return I noticed that the bill was $95.00 more then the years prior. I was shocked and thought there may have been a mistake or a typo.

When I questioned his billing he started to scream at me and told me to pay what I paid the previous year and to never come back. He hung the phone up before I even got a chance to talk. I wrote a check for the amount he told me to pay and moved on with my life. About a month later I received a past due notice for the difference in the two bills.

I called and left multiple messages and never got a response.

I decided to pay the difference and look for another accountant. So please think twice before hiring a dishonest, and careless accountant like John Cataldo.

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Just an update on John P Cataldo. After publicizing Mr.

Cataldo's unethical and unprofessional behavior, he has resorted to sending me harassing emails, calling me names and even making veiled threats of physical violence against me and members of my family. And I quote: "You will be dealt with.".

I have reported him to the police. In this day and age you just can't be too careful when someone starts making threats!!


Whatever you do, stay away from John Cataldo and associates. He makes a living off the fact most physicians and dentists don't know anything about running their businesses and then cons them for unnecessary services while refusing to divulge what he is doing and how much it will cost.

Case in point, I just got charged $600 for two phone calls! My bill with John YTD is almost $5,000 dollars just for filing my taxes. When we told John we got a letter from the IRS that he was off by $14,000 (!!!!) in the IRS's favor on our returns he told us to just ignore it. My wife had to handle the issue because John couldn't be bothered.

We asked John to give us an estimate before providing services and he refused. Then he hires his daughter and she gets put in charge of my account. What are her qualifications? What is her experience?

We get told not to ask. The first thing she does is completely reconfigure my chart of accounts. With no notice and no explanation. And I get billed for it.

When John was confronted he just exploded and hung up the phone.

This guy is a crook. Stay away!


john tried to charge me 70$ for a form that is readily available online and requires about 2 minutes of work.

I do not suggest dealing with him.


I agree!! Similar experience.

Unprofessional, poor job of accounting, and an angry, in your face guy when you question his performance. Stay away!!

to anon Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States #997827

It's called the "Napoleon" complex!

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